Properties Supported

Properties and Projects Supported

Adams Mill Oxbow

Black Rock Nature Preserve

Celery Bog Nature Area

Clegg Gardens

Columbian Park Lagoon

Fisher Oak Savanna Nature Preserve

Granville Sand Barrens Nature Preserve

Indian Creek Basin

Moyer – Gould Woods

Mulvey Pond

NICHES Stewardship Endowment Fund

Pecan Basin / Cates – Clawson Reserve

Purdue Foundation- Endowment for RWF Graduate Fellowship for Carbohydrate Research

Purdue Foundation – Endowment for RWF Graduate Fellowship for Hardwood Preservation and Restoration

Ross Hills Park – Tippecanoe Co Parks & Recreation

Roy Whistler Wildlife Area

Shawnee Bottoms / Bodine Tract

Wabash Bottoms / Crites Property

Wabash Heritage Trail – Tippecanoe Co Parks & Recreation

Wabash Heritage Trail Overlook

Weiler – Leopold Nature Reserve

Wolf Park