Grant Application

ROY WHISTLER FOUNDATION, INC. Grant Application Process:

A letter requesting support may be sent at any time, to:

Roy Whistler Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 5274
Lafayette, Indiana

The Board of Directors will consider the request at its next board meeting. At present these meetings are approximately quarterly, and usually held March, May, September, and early December.


Funding objectives and priorities of the Roy Whistler Foundation are primarily for the protection and preservation of nature and wildlife in the State of Indiana. This activity encompasses the use of its funds to directly or indirectly acquire, purchase, control, maintain and protect present or future wildlife areas whether wet or dry. Projects are primarily limited to those in the State of Indiana.

The Board of Director has set the following priorities:

  • Land acquisition: funding for the purchase of land, whether wet or dry, and whether it is a primary wildlife habitat or needs to be returned to a state that will support wildlife. Corridor development is highly regarded.
  • Protection, maintenance, and enhancement of natural areas for the benefit of native plants and wildlife.
  • Support of other 501c 3 organizations that align themselves the Roy Whistler Foundation Mission, including waterway enhancement, land acquisition, animal protection and control, and the planting and preservation of native plant species.
  • Promotion of the management of, and education about, wildlife populations, including native birds, non-nuisance native wildlife, and native invertebrates.
  • Promotion of public education, awareness, and appropriate usage of nature preserves and properties that are devoted to wildlife and plants.
  • Support of the planting and maintenance of native plant populations in natural habitats.
  • Management of water resources for the benefit of plants and wildlife, including wetlands and the Wabash River corridor.
  • Support of conservation efforts.
  • Scientific research that contributes to the over-all mission of the Foundation. Examples of appropriate research are studies on “green” insecticides that preserve and protect beneficial insects and other wildlife; or, carbohydrate research conducted at Purdue University’s Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research.

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